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Learning to Fly the Jetpack by ZR® is much easier than you might think. When given proper instruction, and assuming the student can follow directions, most people will be out of the water and flying in the first five minutes, and many within 30 seconds.

The Jetpack by ZR® can be easily attached to your PWC.
All you need is an adapter for the brand and type of pwc you own. This can be easily ordered along with your Jetpack.

The Jetpack by ZR® 2015 package ( $5750 ) Consists of:

– 1 Jetpack Seat.
– 1 5 point racing seatbelt with quick release.
– 1 Mainbearing (underneath the Jetpack).
– 1 Hose for redirecting the water to the Jetpack. Only available with the latest X-Armor hose. ( with one year warranty )
– 1 Aluminum elbow 180°, pushing the water into the hose, includes quick release system. to switch easily between the Jetpack and using your PWC.
– 1 Y-shaped nozzle, redirecting the water downward, resulting in an upward force.
– 1 set of straps to attach the hose to the front-end of the jetski ( PWC ).
– 1 universal adapter plate ( aluminum) that is being attached to the pwc, before the elbow is mounted on.

If you are already in possesion of a Basic Package Hoverboard by ZR® or Flyboard® then all you need is a “Jetpack by ZR® stand alone” . PLEASE NOTE: The “Jetpack by ZR® stand alone” will not fit on 2012 or 2013 model hoses / bearings. ( for example: if you have a 2012 or 2013 Flyboard®, it doesn’t fit, if you have a 2014 Flyboard® or Hoverboard by ZR® it does fit).

Adapter for your specific PWC ( Required )

On purchasing your Jetpack by ZR® package, you will need an adapter for your specific PWC brand / type.
These are the options:

Seadoo adapter, model before 2010/ after 2012: $198,00
Seadoo special adapter, model 2010/2011: $198,00
Yamaha adapter: $198,00
Kawasaki 15 F adapter: $198,00
Kawasaki Ultra 250/300 adapter: $198,00
Honda adapter: $198,00

Additional Information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 52 x 24 in


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